Daughters Got Into Trouble


Daughters Got Into Trouble. After receiving a serious call about his daughter’s behavior, a caring father needs to have a talk with her urgently. Turns out that his daughter’s friend, Serena, got her into trouble. Girls were shoplifting together the other day. During the conversation with her, he now knows the source of the problem. So he calls the other girl’s dad to talk about what happened.

Daughters Got Into Trouble

Both of them agree that they need to do something urgently about the situation with their girls. They decided to kidnap Serena and teach their girls some lessons. When the perfect moment came, they drove over and forcefully took Serena while she was walking home from school. Now they brought her home when both of their daughters are there and took her clothes off. But when they bonded her hands, girls started complaining that this is too much. However, they have a better plan in mind. In order to relax their worried fathers, girls decided to please them in a sexual way…

Girls are in trouble and resolving the situation

Date: October 30, 2019

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