It’s All About What He Wants


It’s All About What He Wants. Enslaved brunette Megan is willing to do everything her mistress wants. This evening, Kenna has another client of hers. While Megan is relaxing in her bath, Kenna comes in with chains in her hand. So it is time for Megan to get up and suit up.

Kenna goes upstairs, to talk this through with him. She explains how everything works and how she uses her chains and ropes to deliver maximum pleasure to her clients. Bondage is a priority here. Everything is about what he wants. So next, he wants to try Megan out. Kenna goes back to the bathroom, where her slave is kept and fetches her back, to do the work required of her. Now she has to do her best to please the client.

Delivering what her client wants

Date: January 31, 2020

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