Nikki’s First Video


Nikki’s First Video. Since she just turned eighteen, it’s time to do adult stuff like she wanted to. Nikki is wearing the cutest shirt she could find to be filmed in her first ever porn video. But first, she has to answer some questions.

Nikki’s First Video

Before jumping to the main action, Nikki tells some interesting things about herself and flashes her boobs on camera. While they are interviewing her, it slowly comes the time where she strips her clothes. Nikki jumps on the bed to play with her pussy using a vibrator. This will warm her up for sure.

She even surprises a camera guy – Nikki didn’t play with such a vibrator ever in her life, so she should definitely try it out. While she continuously pleasing her clit with it, her sex partner can’t wait to please his hard cock by looking at her…

Nikki is happy to perform in her first porn video

Date: February 12, 2020
Actors: Nikki Venom

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