Playing With His Wife’s Sex Toys


Playing With His Wife’s Sex Toys. Gianna just found a new boyfriend for herself and they are already at his place. She doesn’t know though, that her new lover has a wife. This horny couple is already in the bedroom and undressing each other when suddenly his wife comes in.

Playing With His Wife’s Sex Toys

Gianna is in trouble because she played with her sex toys
Bill’s wife does not like it much when he drags other girls into the house. So obviously she is not happy catching him doing it once again. As a result, she grabs him and moved downstairs with him – to have a serious talk about it. He is now forced to stay downstairs while his wifey is finishing in the kitchen.

While waiting, Bill does not feel bored at all. His new girlfriend already found a bunch of awesome sex toys in his wife’s bedroom. To cheer herself up, Gianna is taking care of her pussy with the help of those toys. Even more than that – she sends hot selfies to Bill’s phone.

Then, his wife Brintey is back. Seeing all of their sexting, she takes his phone to herself. Their selfies are turning her on, so she decides to go back to the bedroom and take care of Gianna herself.

Date: January 8, 2021

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