A Wild Father’s Day With Naked Daughters


A Wild Father’s Day With Naked Daughters. For this year’s father’s day, his teen stepdaughters came up with something special. For their lovely daddy, they plan to mess with him a little bit. Not much though – just occasional flirtiness and flashing. But they ended up fucking him.

A Wild Father’s Day With Naked Daughters

One day, Chloe was in her room, masturbating and pleasuring herself with a dildo. In order for her dad to catch her, she was moaning louder and louder during the process. Eventually, daddy enters the room, saying to at least close the door and show some respect to others. Seeing him that angry turned Chloe on for some reason. Then, she handles a father’s day present in the envelope and hugs him. During the hug, she grabs his cock with her hand. For such misbehavior, he spanked her ass, in a hope that she’ll learn a lesson from it.

The other day, it is Sophia’s turn to be naughty. Obviously, she wants him to spank her the same way he did with Chloe…

Naked stepdaughters making it a wild father's day

Date: January 24, 2020

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