Teen Redhead Just Wanted To Talk With Him


Teen Redhead Just Wanted To Talk With Him. Lacy calls her stepdad to have a little conversation together. When he finds the time to do that, he joins her in the living room. Surprisingly to him, she wears shiny new shoes, so starts wondering if she has any plans to go somewhere.

Teen Redhead Just Wanted To Talk With Him

Lacy needs more than just a talk with him...
He just wants to make sure she stays home tonight – he needs a babysitter for his kid. But it turns out that she doesn’t want to go out today – this is not why she needs to talk. Lacy asks if he likes her outfit and what are his plans for tonight.

Unfortunately for her, he plans to do adult things, and she is too young to know the details. Obviously, she starts wondering what are those. Then, she begins to undress in front of him, begging him to stay longer and hang out with her. This is so wrong but his stepdaughter is so hot – he just can’t reject her so easily…

Date: January 24, 2021
Actors: Lacy Lennon

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