Helping Her With The Kissing Scene


Helping Her With The Kissing Scene. Daphne has to practice on a school project. There is a kissing scene there and she is so worried about it. The fact is that she never even kissed a guy before – she is only eighteen.

Helping Her With The Kissing Scene

Fortunately for her, there is her roommate, Alina, who is more than happy to help her out with that. Alina comes in, surprised by the fact that this will be Daphne’s first time. She makes sure this will not be awkward for any of them – they are best friends after all.

Alina jumps on a friend’s bed and just wants to start with it faster, so reads her script. Then, the kissing part comes. As soon as she touches friend’s lips, she slowly puts her hand on her titties. This is distracting Daphne from the script she should pronounce along the way. Now she just wants to do more lesbian pleasures with her…

Daphne becomes turned on after donig a kissing scene with her friend

Date: February 12, 2020

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