A Perfect Backyard Resort


A Perfect Backyard Resort. During this sunny day, redhead Amber plays in the backyard of her new boyfriend. They are on a resort together and want everything to be perfect. The sun is quite shiny today, so she wears her dark glasses. While he is taking care of things in the house, Amber having fun in his backyard, at the pool.

A Perfect Backyard Resort

It starts to feel lonely for her, but she has to wait until his business at home is done. Finally, her bold guy comes out, completely naked and prepared. He wants Amber no less that she does and lays down on a favorite water mattress of his. His girl also jumps in and starts taking care of his cock. While the weather is perfect, it is an awesome time to have outdoor sex together. Couple has the whole day ahead, so they can take their time and enjoy each other as long as needed…

Amber having a perfect backyard resort with her boyfriend

Date: December 1, 2019
Actors: Amber Addis

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