Inviting the driver to a sex party


Inviting the driver to a sex party. Hardworking driver is picking up Gabbie from her friend’s house and having another boring morning. Gabbie was already waiting, relaxing in a friend’s yard. She hops into the car and asks to wait for her friend a bit. As a result they take some time and deciding to stay put. He notices her big tits and asks what brings such cute girl here. Gabbie responds that there was an awesome sex party just recently, so she couldn’t miss it. Obviously, he cannot help himself but ask her how one gets involved in such awesome activity.

Gabbie is a nice girl so tells him all the details he need for acceptance. The first condition is simple: he has to look sexy and she assures that this one he will pass for sure. Second one is that he has to have a big dick. He tells her not to worry about it – he has it. Girl feels interested and wants to check it out for herself. After a little bit of hesitation, he agrees and lets her look inside of his pants. Such process makes them both aroused so now she wants to play with his dick a little more…

Date: September 21, 2019
Actors: Gabbie Carter

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