Maid moves to a big city for a new life


Maid moves to a big city for a new life. Teen girl Mackenzie was living in a village her whole life. But now she wants to try and live in a big city for some time. After the trip, she is meeting up with her friend, Chloe, who is showing a new apartment for her to live in. Everything is so new and weird to her, so she tells how excited she is about her new upcoming life.

Chloe sees her weird village outfit and suggests to swap clothes for today, to try it out for herself. While wearing only Chloe’s tiny apron, she decides to clean up in a kitchen a bit. Chloe’s boyfriend came home and mistook her for his girl. So he started to eat new maid’s pussy from behind. Mackenzie liked it however and did not say anything. Chloe found out about it and had a talk with her new maid. They got everything figured out and even had a lesbian sex together.

Another day Mackenzie was watching Chloe having sex with her boyfriend. But they noticed her watching them from behind and already masturbating, so invited a horny maid to join the party…

Date: September 23, 2019

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