Detained Teen Wants To Be Banged


Detained Teen Wants To Be Banged. Haley is being on detention because of her mental issues. She needs three weeks of rehabilitation in order to come to her senses. This is because she had lots of issues with her family and even sucked her stepbrother’s cock one time. So now she is here for some serious treatment.

Detained Teen Wants To Be Banged

Her nurse is now showing a new room she will be living in. It is not perfect but will do. But before, a caring nurse checking all her holes to make sure she did not hide anything. Haley is all good now. She has a new pair of clothes and has lots of spare and boring time ahead.

After several days, Haley is feeling better. Since she was a good girl, they even allowed for a visitor to come by – her stepbrother. They are sitting on a couch together and Haley recalls how good it was to suck his dick. So now she starts begging him to take his pants off. But during the sucking of his dick, a nurse came over and brought some drinks to them. They managed to hide this whole thing from her, but not for long…

Haley wants to be banged after prolonged detention

Date: November 20, 2019
Actors: Haley Reed

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