Brunette Hottie Gets Punished For A Shoplifting


Brunette Hottie Gets Punished For A Shoplifting. Tatted teen Kenzi Ryans is caught by a security officer. Now when in his office, she still acts like has no clue why she is here. To fill her into the database, he goes out to do some paperwork, leaving Kenzi alone with her thoughts for a while.

Brunette Hottie Gets Punished For A Shoplifting

Tatted brunette gets her punishment for a shoplifting
Officer explains that he was chasing her around the store only because she stole stuff and it was quite obvious. Next, he takes her ID to verify the girl’s name and home address. To make sure she will not steal or shoplift again, he makes a couple of photos of her. This way, they can kick her out of the store as soon as she enters it again.

Kenzi complies with everything he wants. She even willingly takes all of her clothes and underwear off, in order for him to not call the cops. But when the officer begins to frisk her thoroughly, while she is only in her bra and panties, she knows what she has to do for her freedom…

Date: January 22, 2021
Actors: Kenzi Ryans

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