Playing With Tyffany’s Feet


Playing With Tiffany’s Feet. It is evening already and the sun is going down. Tiffany is having a chat with her friend on the phone, as usual. While doing so, she complains to her how her boyfriend deprives her of sex, since he is working late day after day. Poor girl didn’t have for like three months.

Playing With Tiffany’s Feet

Her phone call is over and she goes to bed. But first, she plans on playing with herself for a while – she is kinda used to that at this point. When her pussy is pleased, Tiffany goes to sleep in a happy mood.

In the middle of the night, her boyfriend Lucas finally arrives from work. He lays beside her but has a playful mood for some reason. As a result, he starts playing with her feet and licks them passionately. Obviously, at some point, Tiffany wakes up. She truly loves such a move from him and wants it to continue. Now it is time to return him the favor and please him the way he wants…

Tiffany's boyfriend plays with her feet

Date: January 26, 2020

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