While her mom is out of town


While her mom is out of town. One casual morning, his stepdaughter came out of her room to get some food from the fridge. While wearing only semi-transparent underwear,  she makes her stepdad feeling really uncomfortable. He mentions that her ass looks just like her moms. Next, he tells a story how they were dating and how they first met. Winter seems not happy with such conversation at first. She tells him it is inappropriate to talk about stepdaughter’s ass like that. She replied that mom is not home and she doesn’t care. He stopped her for a while. Now she has nowhere to run and has to spread her legs, so he can eat her pussy like he wanted to since a long time ago. He was about to fuck her but she got scared and ran away to her room.

Another morning he felt so bad about what happened and came to her room to have a talk about it and apologize. Winter told him that it is okay – she won’t tell her mom anything. She felt sorry for him after hearing that mom was withholding sex from him, so decided to treat him with a sweet blowjob right there.

Another day he caught her in the middle of masturbation process – this time he will finally fuck her tight pussy and reward his naughty stepdaughter with a facial cumshot.

Date: September 18, 2019
Actors: Winter Jade

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