Kristen Scott In A New Video


Kristen Scott In A New Video. New teen girl Kristen wants to try herself in porn. She contacted one guy she knows and schedules a meeting. Although she is a pretty stunning brunette chick, she feels a bit nervous – it is her first time doing that on camera.

Kristen Scott In A New Video

After meeting up with Owen and hanging out for a while, they fell in love pretty fast. To make his new girl feel more relaxed, he decides to spend some time with her first and talk this through. After a while, they arrived at his home, already feeling a tension between each other. In his bedroom, he has a camera prepared and ready to film. Finally, they drop down on his bed, passionately kissing each other while he squeezes her tits. At this point, he can’t wait to bang her in his favorite, missionary position…

New girl Kristen Scott trying herself in porn

Date: December 22, 2019
Actors: Kristen Scott

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