Seducing A Hot Surfer Guy On A Beach


Seducing A Hot Surfer Guy On A Beach. Gina and her friend are going to the beach. They plan to have a lot of fun together and meet some boys as well. During their trip, girls visit a store, to buy new underwear so guys can notice them faster.

Seducing A Hot Surfer Guy On A Beach

Gina’s friend knows how slutty she is, so films her the whole time she is changing clothes in the dressing room. Gina takes her time to film good moments for the camera and flashes her pussy, making sure it is all there.

Finally, girls arrive at the beach. Seeing that there is no place to change their underwear to a new one, Gina decides to do it just there on the street. Eventually, they are at the ocean. Compared to her friend, Gina manages to find a handsome inked boy for herself quite fast. So her next task is to lure him into the hotel room, to have a decent fuck together…

Date: December 1, 2020

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