Skinny Girl Gets Anal


Skinny Girl Gets Anal. Chloe having weird sore feelings in her back and orders a private masseur by a recommendation of her friend. She’ll do a first test session with him. This morning she meets him up at the doorway and explains the whole situation. Chloe shows him the areas she has the most trouble with.

Skinny Girl Gets Anal

After describing his technique in full detail, it’s time for Chloe to go to the bedroom and get undressed for the massage. Finally, he applies his special natural oil and starts with her lower back. Gently, he moves to her thighs and works on them nicely the same way.

But after a while, Chloe wants more from that. She heard from her friend that he can do a more intense and deep massage, so she explains it more carefully. He gets the gist eventually, and luckily, he brought a special bag of goodies for that occasion.

After bonding her arms and legs with tape, he lubricates her ass and pussy. Now, it’s time to show this skinny blonde a real anal massage, where he’ll drill her asshole in his own way.

Skinny girl gets anal massage today

Date: January 6, 2020
Actors: Chloe Cherry

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