Dealing With Her Boyfriend’s Money Problem


Dealing With Her Boyfriend’s Money Problem. Caring teen girlfriend Vienna Rose is brawling with her boyfriend over the phone. He is in trouble and owes a decent amount of cash to another guy. It was a messy day for her and she already pissed off about him. However, she loves him and today decides to help him out for the last time.

Dealing With Her Boyfriend’s Money Problem

When Vienna is finally at the guy’s place now. He is a silent one and speaks with this shy girl only by gestures. Poor girl introduces herself and asks if they can figure something out with the money problem. He gives her a set of sexy lingerie and says to put it on. Seeing how serious he is about this task she does not even ask anything and goes to the dressing room. On her way there, she already gets a hint about what is coming up. Now she is all dressed up and goes back to his room. He commands her to stop and get on her knees, then slowly crawl to him. He commands her to open her mouth then starts checking it out with his fingers. This girl just wants to close this money issue so starts sucking his dick without hesitation…

Date: September 26, 2019
Actors: Vienna Rose

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