On A Mission To Distract Her


On A Mission To Distract Her. In order to help her friends out with their heist plan, Ivy has to distract a police officer. She pretends to have some important information about suspects and enters a police station, to share it with her.

On A Mission To Distract Her

Ivy successfully completed a mission of distracting her
Angela, the chief investigator, listens to her carefully. Ivy tells all in detail – how they grabbed her and was humiliating her sexually. From hearing such details, Angela starts feeling it herself, telling the girl to continue. Suddenly, Angela leaves the room, mentioning that their talk is over.

Ivy though does not want to give up so fast – she needs to distract the officer for longer. Instead of leaving, she goes to visit her in the office once again. But upon entering the office, she sees that Angela already masturbating while having a picture of suspects in her hand. Now, Ivy sees a perfect opportunity for a distraction…

Date: January 5, 2021

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