Mom’s Real Sex Education


Mom’s Real Sex Education. While Crystal is cleaning around the house, she notices that her stepdaughter, Aria is acting weird and is concerned about something. Something must be wrong for sure so she decides to sit down and talk to her. It turns out that she has a personal issue.

Mom’s Real Sex Education

Since they both are very close, she feels good about sharing this little secret. Aria explains that prior to these summer holidays, she was sexually experimenting with another girl. Everything went kinda well, but in the end she called her “boring”. This outcome really bothering her now.

Crystal knows this feeling and sees that it’s time for sex education. She tries to calm down her little girl, going through the details of proper lesbian sex. Also, since she is not her real mom, she can help her physically with that.

Aria feels weird doing it with a stepmom but soon feels better – her mom knows what she is doing. Now, when Aria is fully naked, it’s time to show how to please a girl properly…

Mom's lesbian sex education

Date: January 7, 2020

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