Nuns Want To Have Sex As Well


Nuns Want To Have Sex As Well. Two nuns, Charlotte and Kenna having a conversation outside. They are worried about the superior mother – she is not doing well recently. Kenna asks if she can do anything to help. But her only presence is enough. So they are spending some more time together, holding hands and kissing each other.

Nuns Want To Have Sex As Well

In the evening, Kenna is sitting with her ill mother when Charlotte comes in. She tells Kenna that her mother only has a few more days and asks if she will stay after she passes. Of course, Kenna will and says that directly. When she will pass away, Charlotte will take her place and will need Kenna by her side.

During their last moments with mother, Kenna confesses her love to Charlotte. But she responds that this is not love, but a sexual desire. Next, nuns leave their mother to stay alone in another room, to fulfill their passion for each other.

Two nuns feel passion for each other and want to have sex

Date: January 16, 2020

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