While Mom Is Out


While Mom Is Out. This morning, Gianna’s mom took stepdad’s credit card and went to the store. Gianna knows that she will be gone for a while, so she has a little plan in her mind. While her stepdad is still in a bed, she comes to visit him in his room. But he already knows what that means – that she wants to fuck.

While Mom Is Out

Seeing where this is going, he tells her that they should not do this anymore and it is quite inappropriate. But she just does not listen to him. Since his dick is still hard in the morning and Gianna’s underwear makes it even harder, she sees that now. Since she knows that he wants it as well and already has his dick in her hand, it is not the time to stop at all. She assures him that if mom comes back and finds out about it, Gianna will take full responsibility for herself. After hearing that, he eventually agrees to please this horny girl and give her a decent fuck, which she so badly wants now.

Gianna playing with her stepdad while her mom is out

Date: November 9, 2019
Actors: Gianna Gem

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