Partying With Teen Girls In The Backyard


Partying With Teen Girls In The Backyard. Three college girls from Ohio just finished their studies and are on their way home. While walking near their friend’s house, one of them has a weird idea in mind. She suggests breaking into the house – there is a great pool in the backyard, so they can have fun there.

Partying With Teen Girls In The Backyard

Teen girls are excited to party at the pool
Alice is hesitating though – this is not right, just breaking into the house like that. But soon, her demanding friends convince her and she agrees. Besides, there is a door key, nicely hidden under the door rug.

Now, girls are undressing inside and having fun with each other at the pool. They even got naked and filming themselves doing sexual things, not caring about anything at this point.

Their fun did not last for long though. House owner just came home and is weirded out by what is happening in his backyard – naked teens are having fun there. Being all mad about it, he threatens to call the police. Being so scared of it, those naughty sluts are willing to do anything for him…

Date: December 26, 2020

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