Outdoor Beach Sex During Their Trip


Outdoor Beach Sex During Their Trip. Josh just met this blonde hottie, Melody. She is excited about today, and the couple is on their way to his car. While hanging out in Hawaii together, it seems like a perfect day to relax on a beach and have some fun. So they have plans at the beach and are about to head out.

Outdoor Beach Sex During Their Trip

During the trip there, Melody is behaving naughty. Since she is feeling extremely horny, she lifts her panties and plays with her pussy in the front seat, to kill the time. After pulling over closer to the shore, they are now forced to continue on foot. During the walk to the beach, Melody keeps flashing her big tits and holds his hand in a romantic way. Eventually, they are on the coast. Now, it is time to find a perfect and secluded place. So Melody goes through the rocks and reaches a perfect spot where no one could find them. Next, she bends over, so he can work on her perfect ass from behind…

Awesome outdoor beach sex with Melody

Date: December 17, 2019
Actors: Melody Marks

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