Teen Blonde Hires An Anal Expert


Teen Blonde Hires An Anal Expert. Lexi can’t believe how she actually came to this. Seriously, what kind of girl hires a man to come and have sex with her? Especially someone as young as she. This is weird indeed – she is good-looking, in shape, and definitely fuckable.

Teen Blonde Hires An Anal Expert

Anal expert helps her a lot
The answer to this question is relatively simple: it is because of the disaster that happened to her last night and two weeks before that. And six months ago, with her previous boyfriend. Lexi is completely frozed up on having decent anal sex. She doesn’t know why – it just happens. Everybody has anal sex – but she can’t.

In order to fix her problem, Lexi hired a professional anal expert to come over and work with her. She found him online – like most of the kinky stuff nowadays. Today is the day and he knocks on her door. Upon entering, he gives her an “anal sex contract”, which is pretty thorough. Then, after Lexi agrees with all of the points in there, she needs to get undressed.

After that, when both of them are naked, her coach does some stretching exercises and move closer to Lexi, to finally give her some useful lessons.

Date: January 10, 2021
Actors: Lexi Lore

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