Teen Witch Does Her Sex Magic


Teen Witch Does Her Sex Magic. Teen wizard Sabrina is officially an adult now. This day she also has to lose her virginity to Harvey. So now she is laying in her bed, discussing it with her black cat. Her cat’s name is Sam and he is her companion for years.

Teen Witch Does Her Sex Magic

On this special day, Sam is guiding her on what to do now. They both decide that she should wear something more adult, so she makes a spell and instantly changes her clothes. Then, a bit later, Harvey comes in to go to see movies together.

He notices that she looks different and is acting weird today. Sabrina though already has sex in mind, so makes another spell to strip his clothes and puts him to bed. So no movies for him. Teen witch instantly makes his dick hard using her magic and proceeds with her plan to make him cum today.

Teen witch Sabrina does her magic on him

Date: March 2, 2020
Actors: Lexi Lore

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