The Wrong Way Movie


The Wrong Way Movie. This morning, Lola is wasting her time at the bar, buying another drink. Suddenly, one guy she knows from before shows up, saying he is looking for her the whole morning. Seeing how she is already turned on by him, he even wants to make something special for her this time.

The Wrong Way Movie

After hearing that from him, she is now ready to leave with this guy to any place, as long as he fucks her in a decent way. So he moves her to a nearby bathroom in the same bar. In there, he makes sure the door is closed and bangs her in several ways. After that, he makes a decent cum load into her mouth and even makes his little girl squirt.

When they meet up again at his place, Lola tells him a story about her family and how they all are always humiliating her. One day, she makes dinner and all of them say that this is disgusting. They also make a not that Lola even forgot to make a dessert. Then, her stepbrother and his friends start to fuck her in turns. So it seems like she really has the wrong way in life.

Her boyfriend seems so lovely and understanding, he even says that she can stay at his place for as long as she wants. Lola feels calm and relaxed now. Since she has no better place to go now, she decides to spend this night with him.

The wrong way movie, with Lola

Date: December 1, 2019
Actors: Lola Fae

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