Pleasurable Day In The Office


Pleasurable Day In The Office. Hazel is a workaholic. It is part of her nature to walk first into the office and leave last. She is also going there on the weekends so it is like her second home. There is something in it when no one else is around – she can focus without distraction. But she has a little vibrator in her desk – it keeps her from being burnt out. It really helps her relax while teasing her clit.

Pleasurable Day In The Office

Another day she decides to take care of herself again. She knows it is naughty to do it in the office but cannot help it. It is Saturday, but her boss is in here as well. He knows Hazel so wasn’t surprised seeing her at work. But after hearing noises from her office, he goes to find out what it is. He just stands after her back not believing what he sees. He tells her that masturbation is not allowed here. But in response, he hears from her that it is Saturday, so she invites him to join and have fun together…

Date: September 25, 2019
Actors: Hazel Moore

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