Making stepbro’s dick hard


Making step bro’s dick hard. Two friends Allie and Gianna playing truth or dare game while sitting on the couch together. During the game Allie finds out that Gianna does not have much experience in sucking dicks and in boys in general. So now she dares her to talk with her stepbrother in order to show them his dick. He was spying on them though, so hears the whole conversation and tries to hide promptly.

Finally girls have found him and Gianna asks him to do expose his cock. But he is hesitant and Allie starts to blackmail him. She reminds him that the whole school will know about his small dick otherwise, so blackmailing him to comply. Having no other choice he shows his dick eventually. Now in order for them to see it’s real size Allie has to work on him a bit. While giving a warm up handjob, she invites Gianna to join the process and help him out. But as soon as she puts it into her mouth, it turns out she can work on it quite well…

Date: September 22, 2019

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