Time To Fuck Her Awesome Roommate


Time To Fuck Her Awesome Roommate. Melody is so excited to start college. That’s her first time being so far away from home. She has never been out of her own state even. But now, she can start making her own rules. Especially when it comes to boys.

Time To Fuck Her Awesome Roommate

While being home, she always tried to be a good girl to everyone, but this time she feels free like never before. Now she can act like a grown woman and explore her sexual fantasies. Since she took a good look at her new apartment and roommate, Melody moved in the same day. At that time, she was so horny and her pussy really needed to let off some steam. So she takes her dildo and begins to play with herself.

Her roommate, Kyle, arrives in a perfect moment, seeing her in action. Horny brunette is now begging him to help her, using his cock. Of course, he can’t resist and joins her. This will help them to know each other in a more intimate way.

Melody enjoys fucking her hot roommate

Date: October 23, 2021
Actors: Melody Marks

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