Awesome Sex During A Music Lesson


Awesome Sex During A Music Lesson. It’s been almost six weeks since Stacy’s parents forced her to learn the piano. Before that, she didn’t know shit about music. But dad says it will look good in her university application. At first, she really hated the idea. But thanks to her handsome teacher Charlie, Stacy is really looking forward to her weekly lessons.

Awesome Sex During A Music Lesson

While she is sitting at the piano today, Charlie comes over and makes a note about her mistakes. He crawls under the piano to see how she does the job with her legs. Charlie places her legs correctly on the pedals, helping her out, as always.

As a result, his touches make Stacy super horny. She lifts her skirt a bit so he can have a good view of her shaved pussy, while he is there. It is clear that she wants more, so he starts eating her out instantly. After that, she bends over to feel his hard dick inside her wet pussy…

Stacy having awesome sex during her music lesson

Date: January 16, 2020
Actors: Stacy Cruz

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