I Need My Money Back


I Need My Money Back. Ashley owes some money to her stepbro. And eventually, the day comes when he walks into her room asking for it, once again. Obviously she doesn’t have it now. This answer is not good enough though. Then, she tells him that will return his cash after a week. However, she also told the same thing a week ago…

I Need My Money Back

After refusing to return his money back

Ashley says that he will spend this money on some stupid shit like strippers anyway, so he can wait. But he can’t. Even more, he will tell her parents about it if she won’t return it right now. However, since she indeed has nothing right now, he has another exit plan for her. So he wants her to strip for him since she says he will spend his cash on that. At first, it seems so gross for her – he is her stepbrother after all. But he just keeps pushing it and blackmailing her, so Ashley has no other choice.

After taking off all of her clothes off, it is still not good enough, regarding all this cash she owes him. So her sick brother also wants to receive a handjob from her, and even more after that…

Date: November 27, 2019
Actors: Ashley Lane

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