Teen Brunette Has To Pay For Stolen Goods


Teen Brunette Has To Pay For Stolen Goods. Cleo was a good behaving girl all the time. Today, however, she is not behaving well and shoplifting stuff in the mall. Later, when the attentive guard finally caught her, she explains that this is because her friends forced her to do so.

Teen Brunette Has To Pay For Stolen Goods

Teen brunette pays for stolen goods in her own way
Cleo is now having a conversation in the interrogation room, with a guard who just caught her. Now, he asks what are her friends’ names, but she doesn’t want to comply and stays silent. Next, she has to go through the usual procedure. First, the security guy is filling the required papers with Cleo’s address and other personal details. Then, it is time to frisk her carefully.

While this teen brunette is undressing, she slowly starts liking it herself. Soon, she wants to comply fully and do whatever he wants from her, in order to break free…

Date: January 9, 2021

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