Their big sister is not a virgin anymore


Their big sister is not a virgin anymore. Two teen sisters, Gianna and Savannah are laying on the bed, doing their homework together. But suddenly, their older sister comes in. She tells them to not go near her room at all – she will be there with her boyfriend. Girls do not like such attitude towards them but continue with the homework, not caring what she said.

Eventually they are bored of the homework and decide to go check what their sister are doing in her room. As soon as they come closer, they hear her screaming loudly, so they knew what is going on inside. Girls took a picture of them having sex in the room and returned back to the room promptly, to avoid getting spotted. Both of them were still virgins so started discussing how it feels to have a sex with a guy. They cannot concentrate on homework anymore, so Savannah suggest to please each other sexually. Since they are best friends, Gianna agrees to do that. While taking off her panties she watches her sister doing the same and pleasing herself. After some time girls already having a passionate lesbian sex with each other, like no guy could do…

Date: September 19, 2019

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