Waking Her Up For A Fuck


Waking Her Up For A Fuck. After a busy day, he spends the night in a hotel room with his young brunette girlfriend, Lara. The morning came and he wakes up early. Then, he sees how Lara is still sleeping like an angel. As a result, he decides to wake her up in a lovely way.

Waking Her Up For A Fuck

First, he takes off the blanket off her, to see her teen inked body more clearly. Then, after a bit of fondling her, he sees that she is still sleeping. However, he becomes hornier and can’t wait any longer – he wants to fuck ASAP.

His dick is becoming hard. He decides to spank her ass with it, in the hope that she’ll feel it in her dream. And indeed, Lara opens her eyes. Right away, she gives him a sign that she is okay to have wild morning sex now. Since he is filming the whole time, it’s a perfect time to save an excellent sex movie for later.

Before waking up his girlfriend for a fuck

Date: January 8, 2020
Actors: Lara Duro

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