Whose Boobs Are Better?


Whose Boobs Are Better? This evening Jewelz invites her cousin, Natalie, to stay for a couple of days at her place. Girls didn’t see each other for years and are so happy to meet each other. However, Jewelz has a stepbrother – Tony. While Natalie enters the place, he makes a compliment about how cute she is. After that, girls leave to have a personal chat in another room.

Whose Boobs Are Better?

Tony is a bit of a pervert so also comes upstairs, in a hope of spying on them. He got there just in time. Girls were comparing their boobs with each other and touching them. He became inattentive so they noticed him quite fast. But Natalie won’t stop arguing on whose boobs are better, even though Tony is standing right beside them. So next, Tony suggests being the judge of their tits…

Girls need male opinion on whose boobs are better

Later, Jewelz comes into his room, while he is still sleeping. She recalls how he was watching her the other day and wants to have sex with him. It is obvious that he wants to fuck her as well, even though Natalie is watching them through the open door…

Date: January 18, 2020

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