Finding Out Her Father’s Secret


Finding Out Her Father’s Secret. It is not the first time Lexi hears weird noises from the attic. This night this happens again and she is about to check it out. But her father stops her and tells that there is nothing to worry about – it is just a house settling. But something tells her that this isn’t true so she thinks that there can be a ghost upstairs.

Finding Out Her Father’s Secret

No matter how Lexi’s dad tried to convince her, she decides to check it out for herself later this night. Lexi comes out at deep night. when her dad is asleep. Upon entering the attic, she sees a trapped guy in there. She finds out that this is her stepbrother and her dad was lying to her the whole time. Lexi does not know why her father was punishing him in such a harsh way, so decides to release him.

After getting him out of there, it turns out he became extremely wild after spending so much time in loneliness. He just makes aggressive moves towards Lexi and shoves his cock into her face. Seeing how he is craving for sex after this while time of being alone, she succumbs and decides to give him what he wants…

Date: October 2, 2019
Actors: Lexi Lore

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