Got Caught Sniffing Stepdaughter’s Panties


Got Caught Sniffing Stepdaughter’s Panties. No matter how hard people try to deny burning desire inside of them, sometimes they can’t help but indulge every now and then. For Tommy, this laundry day became an opportunity for indulgence. It was a chore he volunteered to do.

Got Caught Sniffing Stepdaughter’s Panties

He is so lucky being caught sniffing her panties...
No secret that he loves doing laundry because of his affinity to his stepdaughter’s underwear. And this is not because of their impressive style or cup size, but their smell. To him, nothing is more arousing than the smell of her dirty panties pressed against his face. It was a secret he has kept from everyone. Until this particular day.

While doing the usual laundry, he sniffs her panties, as always. However, this time Autumn comes right in at the same time, catching him in such an uncomfortable moment. Then, she abruptly goes away. Obviously, Tommy needs to talk with her now, so comes into her room as soon as possible, to make a confession…

Date: January 22, 2021
Actors: Autumn Falls

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