Showing A Magic Trick To Her Daddy


Showing A Magic Trick To Her Daddy. Before going to work, his stepdaughter, Emily cought him relaxing on the couch. She was practicing some magic tricks recently and wants to show him one. Emily puts her handcuffs on his hand and bonds it with herself. But after realizing that her trick did not work, they are now forced to be handcuffed together. She also has no idea where the key is.

Showing A Magic Trick To Her Daddy

Having nothing else on his mind, her daddy, Tommy calls a locksmith. On the phone, he explains the stupid situation and how bad of a magician his daughter is. While waiting for a locksmith to come over, Emily now wants to pee. Since they are bonded together, he has to go as well. But in the toilet, she noticed his cock and now another idea strikes her. Emily tells him that she needs to talk with him in her bedroom.

In there, she explains to him how her mother was bragging about his cock size and how he makes her cum. Now she wants him to please her wet pussy and make her cum the same way she heard.

Date: October 1, 2019
Actors: Emily Willis

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