Spending This Rainy Day Together


Spending This Rainy Day Together. It is Natalie’s first time in L.A. She and her boyfriend are moving into the hotel room they booked. Unfortunately, it is raining now and the weather will be like that for the whole upcoming week.

Spending This Rainy Day Together

They can’t go to the beach as they planned and it sucks indeed. While staying in the hotel, they can’t figure out what to do now, discussing it in the bedroom. After that, they both fell asleep.

Later at night, Jacob wakes up. He decides to go and fill the bath with hot water, to surprise Natalie later on. He didn’t know though that she woke up just after. She joins him in the bathroom, wondering what’s going on. Now he has to confess that this was just a romantic surprise for her. After hearing that, Natalie starts feeling horny. As a result, she wants to fuck him right there, since there is nothing to do anyway…

Natalie spending this rainy day together with her boyfriend

Date: February 12, 2020

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