Lap Dance Porn: Stepsister Pays Me Back


Stepsister Pays Me Back With A Lap Dance. This lap dance porn story started this morning, for no reason. After receiving a huge bill by mail this morning, I am now going to my stepsister’s room, to figure this out.

Lap dance porn

Step sister lap dance

After I enter her room, Vienna does not stop talking over her phone, acting so arrogantly towards me. For some reason, she is so confident and just says to get out of her room and leave her alone. Maybe it is because she is half-naked in there, who knows. But I am insisting.
Seeing that I am not going anywhere, she obviously denies most of the stuff in the bill. Now I am thinking about telling mom and dad about it – they will probably help me out with that. They also know about her misdoings in the past so will be on my side for sure. But apparently, I can’t get anything now from her, so I am going to chill in my room, leaving her alone, to think this through.

A bit later Vienna comes into my room, saying how sorry she is. Now she agrees that she was the one responsible for all those charges. While acting all worried she asks if there is anything she can do to make it right. Now is my chance to get that lap dance I wanted from her for a while…

Vienna knows that telling mom and dad about this huge bill will get her grounded for a month at least. This is why she is willing to do a lot more, not just a simple lap dance…

Date: February 28, 2020
Actors: Vienna Black

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