While In A Flight Delay


While In A Flight Delay. During her flight break, horny teen Grae Stoke decides to have some private time in the bathroom and masturbate. Unfortunately, she forgot to lock the door after herself. Obviously, one of her passengers, Pete, barges inside and sees the whole thing.

Upon leaving, Grae leaves him a note, stating her hotel room on it. All worried, he makes a call to his wife, telling about a flight delay and that he will be home soon. Next, he goes to check out that hotel room. As soon as he enters, he sees that horny teen waiting for him in bed already. She promptly undresses him and herself and starts by giving him a nice blowjob. Then, she jumps on top of him, to please her wet pussy while riding his cock.

Horny teen masturbates while in a flight delay

Date: February 20, 2020
Actors: Grae Stoke

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