Babysitter Needs Assistance


Babysitter Needs Assistance. While doing her job and watching after a baby, it peed all over Zoe’s shirt. It is her first time with this family and she doesn’t want to leave bad impression on them. So not wasting any moment, she calls her friend, Danni, asking for assistance. Danni is her old friend and maybe even more than that so will help her for sure.

Babysitter Needs Assistance

Upon arriving at Zoe’s new place, she sees that she does not wear any shirt at all. Worrying that anyone sees her, she comes in and closes the door. Girls sit on a couch and Danni is about to give her a shirt. Apparently, Danni wants something more. In order for her to give a shirt, she wants a kiss from her – she knows Zoe has a little crush on her anyway.

Finally, Zoe kisses her and has her shirt back. Now that baby is asleep and girls are alone, Danni suggests for them to have a little fun together. Zoe agrees, provided they will be really quiet and clean up after themselves.

Babysitter Zoe having fun with her friend

Date: October 4, 2019

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