Dirty Teenagers Are Grounded Together


Dirty Teenagers Are Grounded Together. Jasmine and her stepbro were arguing with each other the whole morning. And now their mom locked them in the room together. So they are grounder for good. In there, they have a lot of time to resolve the issues between the two of them.

Dirty Teenagers Are Grounded Together

During their conversation with each other, he explains that he is just jealous. Every time that Jasmine goes out with a new boyfriend, he just keeps thinking about her. But because she is his stepsister, it also makes him feel weird. Seeing how it bothers him, she says that they can make out if he wants, and it is not a big deal. She is not his real sister after all. As a result, this turned into a more weird thing – they already undressed each other and he is fingering her pussy now.

Suddenly, their mom barges into the room, seeing the whole thing. She takes them both to the shower, for a cleansing procedure. In the shower, she sees that his dick became even harder. So caring mom takes him back to the room, to have a private talk about it…

Grounded teenagers taking a shower

Date: October 11, 2019

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