Getting Good Grades From Mr. White


Getting Good Grades From Mr. White. While Gianna is taking a nap in the car, her class teacher, Mr. White, comes over. When she asks what he is doing here, he tells that he came to take back his charger. However, he sees that on her phone, she was sharing nudes with guys…

Getting Good Grades From Mr. White

Now, they need to have a serious talk. Since she is only concerned with sharing nudes and not studying, he offers a simple solution. This will change her grades drastically. In order for her F’s to become an A’s, he can organize a special tutoring program for her. But the only condition is that it’s gonna happen in his hotel room. Next, he goes in there to wait on her arrival.

Apparently, Gianna agrees to his offer, since she came back to his room right away. Now it is the perfect time for him to sniff her pussy and touch her hot teen body. After Gianna gave him a body massage, it is finally the time for her to earn perfect grades…

Gianna's way of getting good grades

Date: December 4, 2019
Actors: Gianna Gem

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