I’m Just A Lonely Girl And Need My Daddy


I’m Just A Lonely Girl And Need My Daddy. Jack just came back from work and his wife, Chanel makes him an awesome supper. But after asking how was his day and having a little chat, she notices that he is not really into the talk.

I’m Just A Lonely Girl And Need My Daddy

Soon, Chanel sees, that something is concerning him and he constantly checks his phone. The thing is that he has this brunette teen girl, Whitney, who keeps stalking him. So this evening, she left tons of messages about her wet pussy and how she can’t wait to see him again. But Jack tries to ignore it.

A bit later this evening, Whitney eventually knocks on his door, surprising Jack and his wife for sure. She has that dirty idea in mind and pretends to be a lonely girl, and Jack is her missing father… Whitney tells some shit to his wife and how it was tough to grow up all alone. Obviously, she agrees to let her in for the night. However, this is just her dirty plan, so the next thing Jack sees is her wet pussy waiting for him on the bed…

Date: November 30, 2020

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