Stepbrother Helping Her Masturbate


Stepbrother Helping Her Masturbate. While Gianna having fun in her room, her stepbrother, Jayson, is watching the whole process from the ajar door. During that, he even strokes his cock, because she is taking pictures of her tits and pussy. While masturbating all alone, he wants more from her.

Stepbrother Helping Her Masturbate

After spying on his stepsis for some more time, Jayson eventually decides to come in. He just wants to fuck her like they did last time and knows he can do that again. Gianna though, claims that she has a boyfriend now, and those nudes were for him. But Jayson doesn’t want to stop at all. He just puts his hand on her pussy and starts rubbing it, knowing how she likes that. Soon, his stepsis allows him to finger her one more time. A bit later, she already begs him to fuck her…

Stepbro comes in to help her masturbate

Date: February 23, 2020
Actors: Gianna Dior

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