Struggles Of Being A Stepdad


Struggles Of Being A Stepdad. While her daddy is not home, Adria takes her time to look at herself through the mirror. She knows how hot she is and can’t help it – Adria starts caressing herself. After squeezing her titties, she sits down on the floor and starts playing with her pussy.

Struggles Of Being A Stepdad

Adria didn’t know though, that her stepdaddy has a hidden camera in that same room. Unexpectedly, he enters the room, seeing her cringing on the floor. He starts arguing how inappropriate it is what she is doing. However, she makes the point by saying that he is the one staring at her with a hard dick. She overheard before how her mom said that his cock is huge so can’t stop it but see for herself. Perplexed stepdad can’t do much about it though – she already took it out of his pants and put in her mouth. Now, she wants to take it down her throat – as deep as she can. Obviously, after tasting his cock, she wants it inside of her…

Trying to be a better stepdad for her

Date: December 21, 2019
Actors: Adria Rae

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