It Is Never Wrong To Do The Right Thing


It Is Never Wrong To Do The Right Thing. Emily is having a conversation with her friend, Ariana, outdoors at the pool. They are having a talk about her sister, whose husband is also spending his time with the girls. Turns out that Emily has a simple crush on him – nothing serious.

It Is Never Wrong To Do The Right Thing

Ariana sees how her friend keeps staring at him, over and over. So it is not a simple crush and Emily knows it as well. Since her sister is always at work, Ariana mentions that. She also insists that Emily should go for it and fuck him right now. But, she is a bit worried about doing that so fast.

The other morning, Emily sees her friend flirting with him. As a result, she reminds her that she is just a guest here and should watch herself. Now, Emily needs to go out for food and tells Ariana to behave while she is gone. However, upon coming back, she hears a loud moaning coming from the pool, so she is curious about what is going on there. Now she sees that Ariana is already banging the guy. She just thought that this is the right thing to do…

Ariana thought this is the right thing to do

Date: December 2, 2019

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